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OPITO's response to Russian invasion of Ukraine

OPITO is deeply shocked and saddened by the war in Ukraine and military aggression from Russia which threatens global security.

We cannot stand by and therefore have taken significant steps to cease OPITO’s operations in Russia. We fundamentally believe this is the right thing to do, aligned with our company values and care and respect for our European neighbours.

The following actions are effective immediately:

  • We have withdrawn OPITO approval for training from all five accredited training centres in Russia (and therefore will cease to process any registrations accordingly)
  • We will no longer support new approvals of training centres in Russia
  • We are providing financial support to and working with the OPITO approved centre in Poland to ensure support for refugees
  • We are looking after our employees with friends and family involved in the conflict who need our support and help.
  • We are supporting OPITO employees who are actively assisting those affected by the conflict through donations or collections.

In addition, all future, potential UK Government sanctions will be fully supported and immediately executed.

For further information please contact