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APTUS Apprenticeships

Gain recognised qualifications and practical training

Apprenticeships are widely recognised as being an excellent pathway to launch a future career in the energy industry. Apprentices have the opportunity to gain recognised qualifications in a trade or skill combined with practical training and hands-on experience with an employer in the energy sector. The APTUS programme is widely recognised as one of the most successful apprenticeship schemes of its kind.


APTUS apprenticeship programme

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OPITO, (on behalf of operators), and ECITB, (on behalf of contracting companies), have managed APTUS, formerly OGTAP, since 1999 – with over 2,000 apprenticeships successfully completed to date. 

We promote and support diversity at all stages of the programme, across four disciplines. The operator-led apprenticeships include a broad range of energy content with elements covering hydrogen, CCUS and offshore wind.

There are currently over 20 participating energy industry employers and some 300 apprentices who gain access to 21 months in further education followed by two years on a relevant work experience placement. 

If you are interested in becoming an APTUS apprentice, please visit the APTUS website for more information. 

Visit APTUS website