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Centre and Industry Forums

Strengthening relationships with centres and industry

Our centre and industry forums support our diversification strategy. These forums are intended to ensure that we are best placed to identify the updates and enhancements required to ensure our portfolio of industry standards remain applicable across the energy sector.

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A focal point for industry advice on skills and competence

Centre and Industry Forums

The centre and industry forums help to inform the development and efficient implementation of OPITO products and services.  

Our centre forums:

  • Ensure the products and services being created close gaps in training and competence and are fully supported across forum member organisations. 
  • Support standardisation across stakeholder organisations to ensure the products remain up to date and current. 

Our industry forums:

  • Strengthen OPITO’s relationships with the wider energy industry and give visibility to the way new products and services are developed. 
  • Inform and collaborate on the development of new OPITO products and services in line with industry needs.  

Members of both forums also support the promotion and implementation of new products throughout the supply chain and identify potential areas of collaboration with other relevant bodies. 

Get involved

If you’d like to get involved with a centre or industry forum in your region, contact us to find out more.