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Centres can apply for OPITO approval following the process outlined below to conduct training and assessments in line with OPITO Global Qualifications. The approval procedure is a robust process designed to ensure assessment is quality assured with competence based, consistent outcomes.

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  1. Stage 01

    Pre - Approval Workshop

    Each new application will be directed to the pre-approval workshop video available on The HUB and will then be invited to attend a workshop facilitated by OPITO. This workshop covers the OPITO approval process and how to meet the specifications required.

  2. Stage 02

    Desktop Submission and Review

    This submission should cover management systems, equipment and facilities, staff resources, training and assessment, and health and safety to support the OPITO Global Qualification(s) applied for.

  3. Stage 03

    Initial Site Visit

    Following the desktop review, an initial site visit is carried out. This includes observation(s) of training and/or assessment being delivered against the relevant OPITO Global Qualification(s) and the OPITO approval criteria. For remote visits, aspects of training and assessment delivery will be submitted via video footage. 

Following successful completion in the approval process, the centre is awarded OPITO approval for the specified Global Qualifications. Centres can then enrol learners on to Global Qualification Programmes.

Once OPITO approval has been awarded and the centre is recognised as an OPITO approved centre, OPITO will carry out ongoing quality assurance visits.

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