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Workplace Competence Assessment Standards

Helping you maintain a safe and competent workforce

Our Workplace Competence Assessment Standards are driven by the needs of employers to help create a safe and competent workforce.

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Standards developed in partnership with industry experts

Workplace Competence Assessment Standards

All our Workplace Competence Assessment Standards have been developed in consultation with industry, comprising representation from a cross section of industry employers, discipline experts and members of the OPITO approved centre network.  

The standards are designed to accommodate global variations for national legislation and regulations. For further information please contact us or download our guide that explains the approval process. 

Workplace Competence Assessment Standards

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The OPITO Workplace Competence Assessment Standards allow for Approved Organisations to conduct assessments at the candidate's workplace in an operational environment.

The Workplace Competence Assessment Standards can be applied across multiple industries. These assessments are conducted using the organisations qualified and occupationally competent Assessors, allowing flexibility in how and where the assessment are conducted. 

The current suite of Workplace Competence Assessment Standards encompasses the OPITO Heli-Deck Suite including; Helicopter Landing Officer, Helideck Assistant, Team Member, Team Leader, Re-fuelling and Normally Unmanned Installations (NUI’s). Once a candidate has been assessed and deemed competent, the organisation registers this with OPITO for entry onto Vantage. 

Organisations with existing OPITO CMS Approval can add the Workplace Competence Assessment Standard Approval into their current scope. New organisations can apply for this as a stand-alone approval or apply for OPITO CMS Approval in addition to the Workplace Competence Assessment Standards. 

OPITO’s suite of products have now been categorised and some of the products can now be offered in the workplace to allow for greater flexibility for the industry. 


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