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Training and Assessment Standards

A portfolio of workforce standards for the energy industry

In partnership with the energy industry, OPITO identifies the needs and requirements for new and improved Training and Assessment Standards for both onshore and offshore roles. Our standards are recognised globally, and we ensure our network of OPITO approved centres delivers training in compliance with these standards.

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OPITO standards are developed in partnership with industry

Training and Assessment Standards

Our Training and Assessment Standards are developed in consultation with industry workgroups – which comprise employers, subject matter experts, regulators, trade associations and workforce representatives. 

Industry drives the content, including learning, assessment outcomes, assessment criteria and delivery guidance. This process ensures that OPITO standards are current, robust and relevant to the needs of the industry.  

Our Training and Assessment Standards are formally reviewed in partnership with industry, at least every four years, as we strive to continuously improve safety and competency. We also manage a product feedback process to ensure that OPITO standards remain current in between formal review periods. If you would like to discuss further, please contact your regional office.  

Working with our centre forums

Collaboration between centres helps to inform the development and efficient implementation of OPITO standards. Our centre forums ensure the standards being created close any gaps in training and competence and are supported across member organisations. They also help strengthen our relationships with the wider centre network. If you would like to be involved, you can contact us to find out more. 

Training and Assessment Standards Libraries

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