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Standards and Qualifications

Developing your workforce to industry recognised standards

With more than 240 OPITO approved centres worldwide, OPITO is your global partner for ensuring that your workforce is safe and competent, and trained to internationally recognised standards. Employees can access training through any of our OPITO approved centres, or we can support you as an employer to deliver a wide range of vocational qualifications that will give your employees knowledge and skills to a recognised standard in their place of work.

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Helping you to ensure your workforce is safe and competent

Standards and Qualifications

Training and Assessment Standards 

Our Training and Assessment Standards are developed in consultation with our industry forums, (industry working groups), which comprise employers, subject matter experts, regulators, trade associations and workforce representatives. The resulting standards have been designed to ensure employees have the skills and competencies required to work safely in the global energy industry. 

Training and Assessment Standards library 

Global Qualifications 

Our Global Qualifications portfolio includes training certificates and vocational qualifications that are SCQF credit rated and are designed to support employers who would like to develop or improve the skills and competencies of their employees. Within our portfolio, training certificates and diplomas are usually delivered through an OPITO approved centre, while vocational qualifications can be delivered via an employer in the place of work.  

Global Qualifications library

Check if a certificate is valid

Employers worldwide can easily check if training or learning certificates, or multiple certificates, are valid using our online certificate checker.

Certification Validation Checker