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Policy and Research

Informing the development of a global energy workforce

As the skills and standards body for the global energy industry, OPITO works with governments, research institutions and politicians to ensure that policy reflects the needs of industry.  Our strategic focus is centred on informing and influencing national and international policies that support the development of a skilled and safe energy workforce, now and in the future.

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Driving the skills agenda with accurate industry intelligence

OPITO actively engages globally to ensure the voice of the energy industry is heard on matters relating to skills and workforce development.  

We work with governments to inform and support the development of national skills frameworks to support the energy transition. 

In collaboration with industry stakeholders, we have undertaken a wide range of research projects that help to provide accurate intelligence to drive the skills agenda and support the development of targeted competence and skills solutions across the energy industry. 

Our research draws on input from industry, governments, skills and academic agencies to create a definitive source of relevant information on key trends across the industry skills landscape.