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North Sea Transition Deal

Putting people and skills at the heart of a Just Transition

OPITO was proud to lead on the development of an Integrated People and Skills Strategy as part of the UK’s North Sea Transition Deal. Cross-skilling the workforce, enabling the transfer of people and skills across the energy sector, and inspiring the next generation are all essential steps if we are to deliver a sustainable, Net Zero energy future.

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Supporting the workforce to transition between energy sectors

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The UK’s North Sea Transition Deal was announced in March 2021, and supports the industry’s journey to clean, green energy, and a secure future for skilled oil and gas workers and the wider supply chain.

The deal builds on the UK’s global strength in offshore oil and gas production and seeks to maximise the advantages for the sector during this global shift to clean growth. It outlined a number of crucial steps needed to ensure that industry can retain and attract talent within oil and gas, as well as in other low carbon technologies, and how it will support the workforce to transition between sectors. 

Reskilling the oil and gas workforce for new opportunities

The Integrated People and Skills Strategy – led by OPITO on behalf of the UK oil and gas industry – was subsequently launched in May 2022. 

The strategy contains actions and strategic priorities which will help facilitate the cross-skilling of existing parts of the oil and gas workforce to ensure that people and skills are transferable and utilised across the wider energy industry. The aim is to ensure that everyone employed in the industry – whatever their background – can fulfil their potential and enjoy a rewarding career. 

Strategic transitions

A carefully managed transition will help to ensure a prosperous future for our communities and the UK economy, through the retention of people with key skills.  

Integrated People and Skills Strategy