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The process consists of the following stages:

For Centres-hero
  1. Stage 01

    Initial Contact

    Contact your OPITO regional office to register interest in obtaining OPITO approval. OPITO will create an account for you within The HUB. You can then complete and submit the pre-screening questionnaire which will be processed via The HUB.

  2. Stage 02

    Pre-Approval Workshop

    A pre-approval video for centres is available via The HUB to provide context prior to a one-to-one session with a Quality Assurance Specialist. The physical (or digital) workshop will provide the opportunity to ask questions. 

  3. Stage 03


    An application for approval is then completed via The HUB and centres and CMS organisations are advised to include as much information as possible on any other relevant approvals.

  4. Stage 04

    Desktop Submission

    A desktop submission will then be completed via The HUB. This stage ensures that the centre or CMS organisation has the required resources to deliver OPITO standards and a management system is in place that complies with the OPITO approval criteria. Training will also be provided for centres and CMS organisations to navigate and complete a desktop submission within The HUB.

  5. Stage 05

    Initial Site Visit

    An OPITO Quality Assurance Specialist will visit the centre or CMS organisation’s premises, or carry out a remote visit, and observe aspects of the assessments being carried out against the relevant OPITO Workplace Competence Assessment Standard. 


    Following the successful completion of the approvals process, centres or CMS organisations are awarded individual approval for the specified OPITO Workplace Competence Assessment Standard.

The OPITO Workplace Competence Assessment Standards allow for Approved Organisations to conduct assessments at the Candidates workplace in an operational environment. Workplaces may not necessarily be located offshore, making the Workplace Competence Assessment Standards applicable across multiple industries. These assessments are conducted using the Organisations qualified and occupationally competent Assessors, allowing flexibility in how and where the assessment are conducted.

The current suite of Workplace Competence Assessment Standards encompasses the OPITO Heli-Deck Suite including; Helicopter Landing Officer, Helideck Assistant, Team Member, Team Leader, Re-fuelling and Normally Unmanned Installations (NUI’s). Once a candidate has been assessed and deemed competent, the Organisation registers this with OPITO for entry onto Vantage.

Organisations with existing OPITO CMS Approval can add the Workplace Competence Assessment Standard Approval into their current scope. New organisations can apply for this as a stand-alone Approval or apply for OPITO CMS Approval in addition to the Workplace Competence Assessment Standards. 

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