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Standards and Qualifications

Access to the skills you need to enhance your energy career

Whether you are learning a new skill through one of over 240 OPITO approved centres across the world, or having your existing skills assessed in a centre or your place of work, you and your employer can have confidence in the integrity, practicality and transferability of our globally recognised standards and qualifications.

Standards and Qualifications

Ensuring you can work safely and competently at all times

Our Training and Assessment Standards are developed in consultation with our industry stakeholders and the formation of Industry Working Groups – which comprise industry employers, subject matter experts, regulators, trade associations and workforce representatives.  

The standards have been designed to ensure you have the skills and competencies required to work safely and effectively in the international energy industry. 

You can find out what is offered through our network of centres by searching through our libraries:

Training and Assessment Standards Library

Workplace Competence Assessment Standards Library

Visit our Global Qualifications library

Global Qualifications Library