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Global Qualifications

Helping you to deliver recognised industry qualifications

OPITO offers a range of Global Qualifications that are SCQF credit rated, which include training certificates and training diplomas. Our vocational qualifications are designed to support employers and learners who would like to develop or improve the key skills and competencies required within operations and maintenance activities.

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Our qualifications are benchmarked against existing frameworks


Within OPITO’s  Global Qualifications portfolio, training certificates and diplomas are designed to be delivered through an OPITO approved centre.   

We have created recognised qualifications across a range of energy-related disciplines. Our industry-led approach provides flexibility with qualifications that can be benchmarked against existing national and regional frameworks. The OPITO qualification frameworks ensure a structured approach to skills development, building skills at each level through each unit. 

We also offer a flexible approach for learners, dependent on experience, with flexible entry and exit points at each level. Following successful completion of each qualification pathway, the learner will receive an industry recognised OPITO Training Certificate, OPITO Training Diploma or OPITO Vocational Qualification.  

For further information please contact us or download our short guide. 

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