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Product launch

OPITO champions remote learning with new policy

OPITO has launched a new Delivery and Assessment Policy to allow its global network of training centres to deliver selected courses and standards online on a permanent basis.

It’s part of its digital transformation strategy inspired by both the global pandemic of covid-19 and the evolution of the entire energy industry towards net zero, which is underpinned by digital advancement.

“The pandemic catapulted a reliance on digital delivery never seen before and highlighted even further the value digital advancements can play in the delivery and assessment of our products.

"This new policy empowers centres by giving them increased flexibility to utilise digital advancements, potentially allowing them to offer remote learning whilst maintaining an unwavering commitment to safety and competence.

"It outlines specific requirements that must be met to ensure the continued delivery of engaging and consistent learning, but also offers greater flexibility and reach for centres while keeping learners’ needs and regional dynamics in mind.

"Today a conversation on climate change and the quest for net zero is never far away. It sits high on news bulletins as well as boardroom, political and public policy agendas.

"At OPITO, we are aware of the extrinsic link between the energy transition and digitalisation and this Delivery and Assessment Policy is just one part of OPITO’s digital transformation strategy which ensures we remain modern and efficient.”

Ewen Hay, Director of Products & Services, at OPITO

If you would like more information on the policy, please contact your OPITO focal point.