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OPITO approvals

OPITO accredits its first Vocational Qualification Centre in Indonesia

Petrotekno Technical School has become the first OPITO Vocational Qualification Centre in Indonesia after receiving their OPITO global accreditation.

The school will now begin offering the OPITO Oil and Gas Processing, Maintenance, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation qualifications up to Level 7 SCQF.

Petrotekno’s vision is to support national competence to meet international standards. The organisation’s products and services include apprenticeships, upskilling training and assessments across major process industries requiring electrical, instrumentation and mechanical technicians.

It has also committed to working towards offering OPITO’s progressive global energy transition qualifications. Launched in 2022, these are four introductory modules covering wind power, hydrogen, carbon capture, utilisation and storage and oil and gas. Covering key aspects of the energy, these qualifications focus on developing the core skills which are urgently needed to deliver a more integrated offshore energy system and workforce.

OPITO’s Senior Vice President, Richard Roberts, said:

“OPITO is delighted to be working with Petrotekno to accredit its qualifications to OPITO standards, offering internationally recognised qualifications to the growing Indonesian energy workforce.

“Developing a skilled and safe workforce primed to deliver the global energy transition is a core part of OPITO’s strategy. We are looking forward to working with Petrotekno to support its ambition to become a key provider of vocational training both regionally and internationally.”

Petrotekno’s global accreditation was marked with a plaque presentation and agreement signing between both organisations. OPITO’s Regional Approvals Manager for Asia, Jeevinder Singh, attended alongside Petrotekno’s Director, Hendra Pribadi.

Petrotekno’s Director, Hendra Pribadi, said:

“Petrotekno is proud of its new accreditation in downstream qualifications, and we look forward to expanding our services, into renewables and collaborating with OPITO to offer energy transition qualifications to the workforce of local and international operators in Indonesia.”

OPITO’s extensive global network of training centres already trains over 450,000 people to OPITO Standards.


Scottish Minister for Business, Trade, Tourism and Enterprise Ivan McKee with Jeevinder Singh, OPITO’s Regional Approvals Manager for Asia, and Hendra Pribadi, Petrotekno’s Director.