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Meet Danny, a Production Technician / Control Panel Operator

Danny started his career as an OGTAP Production Apprentice ten years ago. He now works on the biggest offshore structure ever built, off the Australian coast.

Beginning his career at university studying Civil Engineering, Danny quickly realised that he’d benefit from a more hands-on experience.

Tell us about your post-OGTAP career?

After completing two years of college training in Aberdeen and making some life-long friends along the way, I carried out my industry placement in Shetland, where I grew up, on TotalEnergies’ Shetland Gas Plant.

I had a productive two years learning my trade on the plant, but the prospect of working offshore really appealed to me. It’s the dream of many OGTAP apprentices to work offshore – and I was no different. I was successfully accepted into bp’s next intake and began my offshore career on their Andrew platform. I had some great experiences working in the North Sea and met lots of fantastic people while offshore!


To cut a long story short, I decided to relocate to Australia after a holiday in the country. The OGTAP apprenticeship certification is recognised internationally, so I always knew I had the whole world at my feet.

I now work with Shell as a Production / Control Room Technician on the Prelude Floating Liquefied Natural Gas(FLNG) facility. It’s the largest offshore facility ever constructed – something I remember learning when I first started my apprenticeship.


How did OGTAP prepare you for your career today?

The fundamental knowledge and practical experience I gained throughout OGTAP has set me up for a life-long career. Several of my colleagues have also completed the programme, and they’re all incredible leaders who showcase the competency and expertise learned daily.

The team behind OGTAP have been there, seen it, spoken to the experts and created a course which provides everything you need to develop your skills and succeed.

The educational background the scheme provides is the foundation for a successful career offshore and, with the correct attitude, the sky is the limit!


Tell us about your career highlights of your career.

My biggest career highlight is where I am today. As I mentioned, I remember discussing the project I currently work on when I was an apprentice. It’s the largest floating liquefied natural gas platform, as well as the largest offshore facility ever constructed – so, a pretty big deal!

It felt like a real full-circle moment to realise I was living the dream I had as an apprentice all those years ago.

What would you go back and tell your younger self – either applying for OGTAP or beginning your apprenticeship?

I used to believe that I should have started OGTAP earlier. But waiting for a couple more years and getting some solid life experience set me up well to succeed in the programme.

It’s never too late for you to become an OGTAP apprenticeship – you won’t regret it!


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