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Changes to how OPITO stakeholders access Product Information

OPITO, the global safety and skills organisation for the energy industry, has announced a new process for accessing Industry Standards and Qualifications information.

Last year OPITO launched The HUB – the new web-based, digital platform designed to improve communication and collaboration with Centres and Competence Management System (CMS) organisations. The HUB fundamentally changes the way OPITO and key stakeholders work together.

As OPITO continue to embrace the technology-led changes throughout the business and wider industry, and the utilisation of the new HUB system, there will also be changes to the way that portfolio information is accessed online.

From 19 May 2023 , OPITO Industry Standards and Qualifications will not be displayed on the corporate website and will be replaced with product overviews, providing an outline of the course, pre-requisites, validity, and target market only.

The key benefits of sharing Product portfolio information in this way are:

  • Better connections. The HUB will ensure that OPITO connects the right people with the right information and the right products, at the right time. The HUB will always have accurate product information and this will pull through via an API to the OPITO website.
  • Greater Communication. Approved Centres will have access to the full OPITO Portfolio through the HUB. Centres will still be able to share detailed course information directly with their clients, continuing to build key stakeholder relationships.
  • Protecting the integrity of industry standards. Ensuring the delivery of robust safety training is continued to be provided to the workforce through approved centres who’s standards are maintained through regular quality assurance.

Ahead of this change OPITO has updated the Centre Network directory on the corporate website. Website users can now search for a Centre approved to deliver Global Qualifications and Workplace Competence Assessments, in addition to training and competence Industry Standards.

Centres to provide support

Going forward, many OPITO stakeholders such as employers and trade associations will be able to request and attain full product specifications directly from OPITO accredited Centres, rather than accessing the information from the OPITO website.

For more information, please see the FAQs available here or contact