OPITO launches new registration and certification process within The HUB


9th May 2023

Global safety and skills body OPITO has announced the launch of a new registration and certification module within its integrated operating platform, The HUB.

As part of OPITO’s digital transformation strategy the way Centres register OPITO learners and generate their certification, will soon change.

These changes will deliver greater automation of services to save time and reduce workload. This new way of working also reduces the lead time, of learner records, into Vantage, eliminating mobilisation issues.

The change will standardise certification, including QR scanning for learners to increase data security and 24/7 global access for certificate verification.

Soon after roll-out, OPITO plans to launch a new app to bring together a learner’s OPITO achievements in one place. This will provide them with easier access to all their certification.

The launch begins in May and the transition is expected to be completed by October.

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