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Stork is a global leader of Asset Integrity Management services to the oil and gas, chemical and power industries. Their services are tailored to help clients optimise performance by maintaining, repairing and modifying major assets. The first priority is always safety and Stork’s award winning global safety programme, REACH, provides a dynamic platform for delivering continuous improvements in safety performance. Central to this is the development of a sustainable, skilled and competent workforce.

Stork acknowledged that competency was an integral part of everyday business and they had to instigate and implement a policy to ensure that all roles key to the delivery of the operations are performed by personnel competent to carry out their duties.

To validate this it was vital that Stork partnered with an external body that are recognised market leaders in competency. OPITO was selected as they could provide a robust and auditable process which supported and aligned with Stork’s multi-disciplined and integrated approach to delivery.

OPITO’s CMS approval provides industry recognition, on-the-job approval of training and assessment programmes and the necessary assurance to clients that the best resources are being provided for each and every workscope. The standards also deliver a robust measurement and auditable scheme against recognised industry standards, in a fraction of the time of the traditional NVQs.

The approval process was simple to adopt, integrate and implement into Stork’s competency procedures. To accompany this, OPITO provided a set of robust criteria and an abundance of guidance which was easy to follow.

Undertaking the OPITO CMS has provided a number of benefits including:

  • Industry recognised approval of Stork’s CMS
  • Provide a skilled and competent workforce to carry out work for our clients
  • Improved staff motivation and performance due to potential of future development
  • Reduce frequency and severity of incidence and accidents due to personnel being fully trained and aware of safety critical activities.

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