Serica Energy uses OPITO Petroleum Open Learning courses to support employees as they progress their careers in energy


Serica Energy plc, one of the UK’s leading mid-tier independents producing natural gas from the UK North Sea, has been a committed user of the Petroleum Processing Technology Series, part of the OPITO Petroleum Open Learning (POL) portfolio, to support its apprentices and employees since November 2018.


Serica Energy inherited OPITO Petroleum Open Learning following a transfer of staff three years ago. Following this, the company was looking to ramp up professional development support to create a dynamic learning and development environment.

The key objective was to ensure apprentices and employees can access ongoing and industry relevant training as they progress their careers in energy. For employees, this includes the potential to up-skill or re-skill those interested in changing discipline, for example, moving from a role in maintenance to process and production.


The OPITO Petroleum Processing Technology series has provided apprentices starting their careers, and employees looking to diversify, with the essential underpinning knowledge required to complete their roles safely, effectively and efficiently offshore.

In three and a half years, 13 Serica staff including 11 apprentices and two employees have completed units including oil and gas separation, oil pumping and metering and natural gas liquids recovery - providing them with the relevant theory needed for them to take advantage of the practical opportunities available to them through their roles at Serica.


As well as developing the understanding and expertise necessary for them to carry out their roles effectively, the OPITO courses provide the flexibility for learners to complete units remotely, in their own time, meaning they can do so whilst working from home or offshore.

OPITO ensures that dedicated exam invigilators are in place, meaning assessments can be carried out offshore, negating time away from work to attend a college or training school.

By having a key point of contact at OPITO, all questions or concerns are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

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