Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) - CMS Approval

Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) is an industry-owned cooperative which exists to respond effectively to oil spills wherever in the world they may occur. Our membership consists of over 120 environmentally responsible corporations whose activities count for over 60% of global oil production. Besides oil majors, national / independent oil companies, we also have energy-related companies operating elsewhere in the oil supply chain joining as our Members.

OSRL has had an OPITO approved Competency Management System (CMS) since early 2006 for their UK and Singapore bases, and 2008 for Bahrain. In 2014 the American base joined the fold.

The introduction of CMS came about initially from a change in recruitment strategy; instead of employing individuals and giving them to a mentor to assess and train, the company began to employ small groups of people at the same time. These groups would then be put through an intensive 12 week training course, where they underwent practical and theoretical assessment before joining the OSRL technical teams – either Operations or Consultancy.

The ACMS structure was introduced as way to test ability, knowledge and understanding as employees progressed within the company. There are seven competency standards across all levels from new start to senior management, and the range is still increasing. The OPITO supported OSRL at each step, from initial approval to the introduction of new specialisms.

OSRL personnel are professionals in their respective fields, highly experienced and qualified in key disciplines required for advising and supporting clients in oil spill prevention, response and mitigating the consequences of spills. OSRL believe that having ab OPITO approved competency system in line with internationally recognised standards of best practice shows their employees, members and others that they take training and development seriously.

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