John Lenehan - POL

On starting work in London, John felt it was important to get a good grounding of the technology, equipment and techniques used in the drilling industry.

After asking for assistance at work, John was enrolled into the Petroleum Open Learning (POL) Oil and Gas Well Technology course which comprises of three modules: Oilwell Drilling Technology, Oilwell production technology and Drilling Calculations.

He said ‘The course content was extremely thorough and well-presented. It was useful to receive electronic copies of the course as well as workbook copies that I will be able to use as a reference throughout my career. The course was well structured, and I received first-class support from the OPITO experts, as well as my colleagues. It was reassuring to know that I could contact OPITO and receive a prompt response, any questions I raised were always fully explained within a short timeframe.

‘I was able to gauge how my learning was progressing by completing sample questions. The examination process was very straightforward and OPITO were very quick to get my papers marked.

'I am able to use the course as part of my Chartered Engineer development plan, I now hold a recognised qualification from City & Guilds.

‘I am now much more confident in discussing a range of topics with senior engineers and clients. Completing the course has given me a sound grasp of the fundamentals of drilling, I would highly recommend it.'

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