First OPITO Competence Management System Approval in the Asia-Pacific Region

FPSO Ventures (FVSB) needed to streamline its approach to Competence Management to ensure it met client expectations safely and effectively. As OPITO’s Competence Management System (CMS) accreditation is considered the global industry benchmark, this achievement elevates FVSB amongst its peers and sees OPITO continue to expand across a key market.


Providing Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services for offshore floating systems, FVSB’s knowledge and expertise is embedded within every project.

FVSB’s activities cover operational readiness and assurance, operation and maintenance, and demobilisation. It has had a focus on competence assurance since 2008, encompassing all offshore roles relevant to the business. In 2017, the first group of FVSB’s onshore and offshore supervisors obtained OPITO Competence Assessor certificates.

Following this, in 2021, FVSB began the process of seeking OPITO accreditation for its CMS. Despite the challenges of the COVID pandemic, the organisation achieved OPITO accreditation in October 2022.

This makes FVSB the first OPITO Approved CMS Organisation in the Asia-Pacific region, paving the way for OPITO CMS approval to make a significant difference in the day-to-day operations of organisations across the region.


FVSB found its previous competence standards lacked a range of performance and knowledge criteria and structure for internal verification.

The organisation wanted to highlight the importance of a robust CMS to its workforce and the benefits this would bring. Crucially, without the formal competence assurance certification which clients look for, FVSB risked its competitiveness among peers.


A good quality CMS will bring real and lasting benefits to any organisation. OPITO’s CMS approval process, which follows a structured and measured system, allowed FVSB to streamline and improve its approach to achieve the required workforce competence levels. The OPITO Approved CMS, which aligns with internationally recognised standards, conveys FVSB’s commitment to ensuring its operations and workforce meet clients’ needs.


OPITO CMS accreditation supports FVSB to achieve the required competence levels across its organisation. FVSB has confirmed the approval will enable and sustain business growth, allowing internal teams to see key personnel competencies at a glance.

This reinforces FVSB’s position as a global industry player. OPITO CMS accreditation is included in all tender process, demonstrating FVSB’s ability to maintain the highest level of safety and quality performance through rigorous assurance processes and audits.

FVSB expect this will support the growth and retention of a highly competent workforce, providing a benchmark for performance improvement and management. Additionally, the tools offered will promote professional skills development within the organisation with employees now gaining access to valuable professional development resources.

FVSB will benefit from greater competence control because of OPITO’s CMS approval, leading to cost optimisations at every step of the competence management lifecycle, particularly across the selection process, training and development, staff deployment and workplace competence assessment.


Is your organisation interested in OPITO’s CMS approval process? Visit our website or contact the Quality Assurance team at the relevant regional office.

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