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My Energy Future Launch - Shaping the Future Energy Mix

By John McDonald, CEO of OPITO


We live in a rapidly-evolving world. The energy we need for our day-to-day lives –from switching on the kettle in the morning and powering up a laptop, to driving to the shops or picking up the kids from school – is growing exponentially and our energy system is transforming to meet this demand in a sustainable way.

As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, we need a green recovery that balances strong economic growth with a huge reduction in greenhouse gas emissions to meet the Paris Agreement. Rising to this truly global challenge needs people with passion, creativity and determination to imagine a different future.

My Energy Future is designed to inspire and inform a new generation of energy people. A digital campaign bringing to life the world energy with fascinating facts and dynamic animations, providing powerful career insights from ‘energy influencers’ on their journey so far and aspirations for the future.

From Lorna, a project engineer for the UK’s leading technology innovation and research centre, to Energy Transition Engineer Rodrigo, leveraging his oil and gas experience to develop carbon capture technologies, to Catriona who works across Scotland to help communities build and benefit from renewable energy projects.

Our goal is to share the stories of passionate people who are working every day to transform the energy sector and help make net zero a reality. And to describe the scale of the opportunity for the UK, with the low carbon economy expected to grow 11% year on year by 2030, creating 100,000 new energy jobs.

We’re excited to launch My Energy Future and see it grow and develop over the coming years. I would welcome your support to promote the campaign, not just within your organisation and professional networks, but also with the young people in your life, whether you’re a parent, carer, teacher or friend.

OPITO is proud to have developed My Energy Future, supported by the Energy Skills Alliance as part of its overarching mission to deliver an all-energy career proposition. I hope it will spark an interest and desire to be involved in changing the way in which the world produces and uses energy in a cleaner, more sustainable way. We need you to get involved. Listen to these stories, share the resources and get in touch if you have insights and opportunities to share.

Engaging with My Energy Future is an ideal first step into the world of energy and all the possibilities it holds for young people to change the future. To learn more about My Energy Future and find out how to get involved, you can visit our website