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Oil and Gas- Upstream/ Processing Operations

OPITO Vocational Qualification 3: Processing Operations: Hydrocarbons (Upstream)

OPITO Qualification

Product Code: Q000034

Who is this Product for?

This product is for experienced process operators/technicians who work mostly as ‘outside operators

What does this Product cover?

This product is made up of units which are directly related to the typical process and systems found on oil and gas production facilities and which reflected the work “areas” typically required to be started up, shut down, isolated and operated.

Entry Requirements

Entry is at the discretion of the OPITO

Learners should be in a job or placement where they are carrying out relevant tasks and responsibilities which allow then to gather the required evidence.

Product Achievement Requirements

To achieve the OPITO Vocational Qualification 3: Processing Operations (Hydrocarbons) the learner would need to a minimum of eight units. Five units must be completed from Group A and three units from either Group A or Group B

If you require further information about our Global Qualification, or would like to discuss your requirements with a member of the OPITO team, please contact the Products Team in the UK office.

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