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Oil and Gas- Upstream/ Maintenance Operations

OPITO Global 1 Training Certificate: Basic Maintenance Practices (Mechanical)

OPITO Qualification

Product Code: Q000037

Who is this Product for?

This training certificate is aimed at learners with very little prior experience of a mechanical engineering workshop environment. 

What does this Product cover?

The training certificate consists of the eight mandatory units below, all of which must be successfully completed, as required to achieve the OPITO Global 1 Training Certificate: Basic Maintenance Practices:

•OGTS – M06: Basic Health and Safety in Maintenance Workshops

•OGTS – M07: Basic Maintenance Techniques and Workshop Practices

•OGTS – M08: Basic Maintenance Hand Tools

•OGTS – M09: Basic Measuring and Marking-out Instruments

•OGTS – M10: Basic Engineering Communications

•OGTS – M11: Basic Numeracy Skills

•OGTS – M12: An Introduction to Physical Science and Basic Properties of Materials

•OGTS – M13: An Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Principles

In addition, the three following units must be successfully completed:

•OGTS – M17: Prime Movers

•OGTS – M18: Transmission Systems and Components

•OGTS – M19: Distribution Systems

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements however, it is recommended that learners should complete the OPITO Global Foundation Certificate in Maintenance Workshop Practice or equivalent training before undertaking this training certificate.

Product Achievement Requirements

The training certificate consists of one mandatory group containing eight units, and a further mandatory group unit containing three units. All units from each group must be successfully completed to achieve the OPITO Global 1 Training Certificate: Basic Maintenance Practices (Mechanical).

If you require further information about our Global Qualification, or would like to discuss your requirements with a member of the OPITO team, please contact the Products Team in the UK office.

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