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Preparation of Dangerous Goods for Transport by Sea Training Standard Further

OPITO Standard

Product Code: 9075

Who is this Product for?

This Product covers the further training for personnel associated with the preparation of dangerous goods for transport by sea to and from an onshore supply base and an offshore installation.

What does this Product cover?

This Product aims to refresh the learner’s knowledge, understanding and skills to carry out the role of packaging and transporting dangerous goods by sea effectively.

Entry Requirements

Learners must have an in-date OPITO approved certificate for Preparing Dangerous Goods for Transport by Sea.

If a learner has experience in preparing DGS for transportation by sea or has an in-date and equivalent DGS by Air certificate then they, at the discretion and with the written approval of their employer/duty holder, can take the two-day refresher training to obtain an OPITO approved certificate in Preparing Dangerous Goods for Transport by Sea.

However, if they do not pass the DGS by Sea Refresher Training they must take, and pass, the Preparing Dangerous Goods for Transport by Sea Initial Training before they can be awarded an OPITO approved certificate.

It is the duty of the training provider to verify to OPITO the pre-requisites of the learners, if requested.

Product Achievement Requirements

To achieve the OPITO Preparation of Dangerous Goods for Transport by Sea Training Standard Further, the learner will need to complete the mandatory unit.

Guided Learning Hours

14 hours


2 years

Please note: If the expiry date on the learners previous certificate is within 3 months prior of the course enrolment date then the date of the new certificate should correspond with the expiry date of the existing/previous certificate unless stated otherwise by the Duty Holder or Asset Owner or Operator.

If you are an OPITO stakeholder, you can request access to a full product specification by contacting OPITO directly via

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