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Oil and Gas / Technical Roles

Mercury Awareness & Management

OPITO Standard

Product Code: 9070

Who is this Product for?

This Product is for personnel that are or could be, working in an environment that could become contaminated by Mercury. The product can also be used to provide awareness for those who are not directly exposed but are involved with projects with the potential for Mercury to be present. (i.e. onshore project teams).

What does this Product cover?

This Product aims to equip the learner with the initial knowledge and understanding required to comprehend the risks and mitigations involved in activities where Mercury may be present.

This course is designed to enable you to:

• Identify the properties and forms of mercury; 

• Identify recommended mercury exposure limits;

• Recognise the hazards associated with mercury; 

• Recognise the effects of mercury contamination; 

• Recognise the control measures that can be used to limit workplace exposure. 

• Understand the requirements of record keeping around Mercury exposure.

Entry Requirements

There are no prerequisites required for Mercury Awareness & Management Training.

Product Achievement Requirements

To achieve the Mercury Awareness & Management training, the learner must demonstrate competency and have successfully achieve pass marks in all 8 units.

Guided Learning Hours

4 hours

What could this Product lead to?

Successful achievement will allow personnel to work and understand the risks within an environment where Mercury may be present.


Four (4) years

If you are an OPITO stakeholder, you can request access to a full product specification by contacting OPITO directly via

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