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Internal Verifier Training Standard

OPITO Standard

Product Code: 9020

Who is this Product for?

This Product is for individuals within an organisation who are designated to be internal verifiers.

What does this Product cover?

This Product provides initial training to enable trainee internal verifiers to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills which underpin the tasks to be performed as an Internal Verifier.

The Product contains the following Outcomes:

  • Introduction to Internal Verification.
  • The Internal Verifier’s Role.
  • Supporting Assessors.
  • Monitoring and Verifying the Quality of Assessments.
  • Record Keeping and Feedback.
  • Assuring the Competence Process.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal learner pre-requisites for attendance on the Internal Verifier Training Programme, although learners must provide evidence that they have access to a minimum of two assessors undertaking an assessment process to internally verify at their workplace.

Product Achievement Requirements

To achieve the OPITO Internal Verifier Training the learner will need to complete the 2 mandatory units.

Guided Learning Hours

7 hours

What could this Product lead to?

Following this training, it will be the responsibility of the employing organisation to allow each Verifier to gain further experience.

An OPITO Internal Verifier Certificate will only be issued to the learner after the OPITO-approved centre has assessed the learner’s workplace evidence and deemed it as meeting the required Standard.


Please note: If the expiry date on the learners previous certificate is within 3 months prior of the course enrolment date then the date of the new certificate should correspond with the expiry date of the existing/previous certificate unless stated otherwise by the Duty Holder or Asset Owner or Operator.

If you are an OPITO stakeholder, you can request access to a full product specification by contacting OPITO directly via

Centres delivering this product