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Oil and Gas / Basic Emergency Response

HUET Diver Training Programme

OPITO Standard

Product Code: 5000

Who is this Product for?

This programme is designed to meet the initial training needs of HUET divers who are already qualified SCUBA divers.

What does this Product cover?

The use of divers during Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) is common practice and the HUET diver plays an important role both in the training and safety of course participants. HUET operations present specific hazards associated with the HUET apparatus itself and the equipment worn by participants, as well as the hazards posed by passenger behaviour. The HUET diver is a key component in the control of the risks associated with these hazards.

The aim of the training is to ensure that HUET divers understand their role in ensuring the safety of course participants during HUET training.

The objectives of this training are that HUET divers will be able to:

1)Identify and gain an understanding of the specific hazards associated with HUET operations and equipment worn by participants

2)Demonstrate specific knowledge and skills to undertake the role of the HUET diver safely during HUET operations.

Entry Requirements

HUET Diver Learner Prior Achievement

To ensure that learners have the necessary core competencies to attend this training course they must be in possession of an appropriate Open Water SCUBA qualification, awarded by an independent recognised diving accreditation body.

In addition, training providers must comply with any National law related to HUET Diver qualifications and dive operations at work (e.g. in the UK the relevant legislation is The Diving at Work Regulations 1997).

Audit Requirement – A.2 Divers hold appropriate open water diving qualification from a recognised accreditation body, and if applicable as required by National Law

HUET Diver Medical and Health Requirements

Learners are required to possess evidence of routine and ongoing confirmation of their medical fitness to dive, in accordance with regional or country specific guidelines and legislative requirements. Practical training exercises are of a very physical nature and all participants are required to be in good health.

Audit Requirement – A.3 All divers hold relevant current certificate of fitness to dive (a dive medical certificate) and/or evidence of compliance with regional or country specific guidelines and requirements.

Note: Where regional or country specific guidelines and requirements do not exist, divers are required to complete a confirmation of fitness to dive, on an annual basis. This must be based on criteria from an appropriate and verifiable source i.e. a medical questionnaire from a professional diving body. Where any doubt exists in a diver’s ability to fulfil the role of a HUET diver, confirmation of continuing fitness to dive must be sought from a physician.

Product Achievement Requirements

To achieve this product learners will need to successfully complete the mandatory unit.

Guided Learning Hours

15 hours


There is no expiry date for the OPITO HUET Diver Certificate. However, HUET Divers must participate in an ongoing development programme to ensure their competence is maintained, as specified in relevant subsection of Section A.5.1

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