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Control of Work Refresher Training for Performing Authorities

OPITO Standard

Product Code: 9232

Who is this Product for?

This Product is designed to meet the refresher training and evaluation requirements for a performing authority.

What does this Product cover?

This Product is to refresh and update the knowledge, understanding and skill elements of the Performing Authority.

The objectives of the Refresher Training programme are to refresh and reinforce the following:
(a) The responsibilities that apply to the PA role.
(b) Effective hazard and risk assessment methods and techniques
(c) Effective control of the worksite and communication with work parties
(d) Typical permit-to-work stages and processes that apply to control of work.

Entry Requirements

Learners must hold a valid OPITO-approved certificate for Control of Work Training for Performing Authorities (Initial or Refresher Training), or verifiable evidence of their PA experience.

Product Achievement Requirements

To achieve the Control of Work Refresher Training for Performing Authorities the learner will need to complete the 4 mandatory units.

Guided Learning Hours

4 hours

Note: Although the Refresher Training contains the same units as the Initial Training, the duration of the classroom-based Refresher Training is half that of the Initial Training. This is because the Refresher Training is seen as a reinforcement of performing authority principles and practices and therefore will not need the same amount of time for explanations as the Initial Training.


2 years

Please note: If the expiry date on the learners previous certificate is within 3 months prior of the course enrolment date then the date of the new certificate should correspond with the expiry date of the existing/previous certificate unless stated otherwise by the Duty Holder or Asset Owner or Operator.

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