My Energy Future

The world of energy is changing. Following on from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is likely that there will be even greater public awareness of the need to combat climate change and global warming. We can expect to see an increasing focus on the drive to deliver Net Zero. And with the low-carbon economy expected to grow 11% year on year through to 2030, we can expect to see 100,000 new energy jobs – with 25,000 new jobs in UK oil and gas by 2025 – and 4,500 in new roles 'that do not currently exist’. This transformation will embrace all sectors of the energy industry, as countries including the UK seek to create a sustainable energy mix for the future.

This is not just about the future of energy; it is about the future of the planet. Our vision of an increasingly diverse and sustainable energy industry will be a major factor in attracting and encouraging young people to join the energy sector where new career opportunities will be flexible and inclusive, stimulating and challenging – where they will combining digital innovation with new fields in subsea engineering, cutting edge science with the latest breakthroughs in robotics, and much more.

'My Energy Future' needs to capture and communicate to those who might want to be part of the solution. We need to inspire 13-18 year olds to think about future career opportunities in the energy industry. We need to excite, stimulate and inform these young people, while bringing the future of energy to life in a fresh and personal way so that these teenagers can imagine themselves playing a part in creating the energy mix that the world will need to tackle the challenges of climate change and net zero.

'My Energy Future' is not a traditional careers website. It is an inspiration interface; a mix of career signposting driven by stimulating film content and its inspirational young influencers. With elements of personalisation and interactive learning, the site provides dynamic, relevant stimulus designed to raise awareness and drive engagement. It will embrace all parts of the energy mix – from oil and gas through renewables to nuclear, hydrogen and carbon capture and storage as key elements of the energy transition and the journey to net zero. It provides a hub for discovering more about careers in the energy sector and signposts users to other relevant external resources.

At its heart is the idea of a community; generating conversation between users and young people already working in industry. New and relevant content from the ‘My Energy Future’ Influencers will show the diversity of people – and the diversity of opportunities that now exist. It identifies current and future jobs, both in and beyond a traditional STEM focus, in a wide range of key energy-related fields. It brings the future of the wider energy sector to life for a new generation and shows them the real, long-term potential of a future career in energy.

In short, ‘My Energy Future’ is where their energy journey begins -

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