Workplace Competence Approval

Assessment providers can apply for approval to deliver the following Workplace Competence Standards:

HDA Workplace Competence Assessment Standard

HLO Workplace Competence Assessment Standard

HERTL Workplace Competence Assessment Standard

HERTM Workplace Competence Assessment Standard

The Workplace Competence Standards approval process consists of three stages:

Stage 1: Attend a one day workshop – The one day workshop covers the approval process and the detailed specifics of the approval criteria and standards. There is no charge to participate in a workshop.

Stage 2: Application and desktop submission – This process ensures that the assessment provider has the required resources to deliver training and/or assessment and a management system in place that complies with the OPITO approval criteria.

Stage 3: An onsite audit - An OPITO auditor will visit the assessment provider’s premises to ensure the relevant approval criteria and Workplace Standard requirements are met. This may require a workplace audit.

Following successful participation in the approvals process, training providers are awarded individual approval for the specified Industry Standards and can register delegates in Vantage Central Register.

For further information please download the Approval Guides and Application Forms below, or contact one of the regional offices directly for assistance.

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