Global Qualifications Approval

Learners that are successfully assessed against OPITO Global Qualifications are awarded recognised qualifications which are issued jointly by OPITO and the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). Assessment is undertaken either in an approved qualifications centre or in the workplace depending on the type and level of qualification.

Centres can apply for OPITO Approval through a three stage process to conduct assessment in line with the Global Qualifications. The approval procedure and monitoring activity is a robust process and ensures that assessment is quality assured with competence based, consistent outcomes.

Stage 1: Introductory Meeting - To obtain OPITO Approval, each new applicant must first attend a mandatory one day workshop at one of the OPITO regional offices. The workshop is provided free of charge and covers the approval process and Global Qualifications.

Stage 2: Application and Desktop Review - OPITO will verify that the Centre has the required resources to conduct assessment and a management system in place that complies with our Global Qualifications Approval Criteria. The desktop audit is conducted at an OPITO office.

Stage 3: Site Audit - An OPITO Quality Assurance Specialist will visit the Centre premises and assess the capability of the facility against the Global Qualifications Criteria and relevant OPITO Standards.

Following successful participation in the Approval Process, the Centre is awarded individual approval for the specified Global Qualifications. Centres can then enrol candidates on to Global Qualification Programmes and request certification of successful candidates.

Only OPITO approved Centres can request certification against OPITO Global Qualifications.

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