Certificate Policy


Training and Assessment Centres are responsible for issuing a certificate direct to the learner completing the Product and to the sponsoring company (when required). Each certificate must indicate that the

learner has been assessed against and met the assessment guidance and must contain the following:

(a) Centre name
(b) Full OPITO Product title stating that it is OPITO-approved
(c) OPITO Product code
(d) Learner's name
(e) Course date(s)
(f) Expiry date (if applicable) -The validity period of the Product minus one day following the date that the learner successfully completes the Product
(g) Unique Certificate Number (UCN)
(h) Centre Signatory.

Please note: If the expiry date on the learner’s previous certificate is within 3 months prior of the Product enrolment date, then the date of the new certificate should correspond with the expiry date of the existing/previous certificate unless stated otherwise by the Duty Holder or Asset Owner or Operator.

Course Administration

Each learner attending any OPITO-approved programme must be registered with the Central Register (CR) operated by OPITO. Registration must be made by the training centre to OPITO within one week following completion of the Product.

OPITO confirms that information on the registration form will be contained in a computerised register which will be available to employers, prospective employers and training and assessment centres in the energy industry to verify training records. At all times, use of this data will be strictly in accordance with principles laid down in data protection legislation.

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