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OPITO approved Centres are provided with the following advice and guidance.

Further information

If further information or assistance is required, please contact the regional OPITO office.

Appendix 1

OPITO recognises that the presentation of Appendix 1, which detailed an overview of OPITO, is no longer necessary during OPITO-approved training courses and has removed the mandatory requirement for Centres to deliver Appendix 1. An updated 'OPITO Information' presentation has been created for Centres to reference as they see appropriate.

OPITO Information

OPITO, and the wider energy industry, are working together to create a safe and skilled energy workforce. Information about how we are doing this can be found throughout our website.

Centres have been given a number of documents to support the delivery of OPITO Standards including; a PowerPoint overview, marketing materials and a Customer Service Statement - which they can display in their centres to provide learners with the confidence that the training they receive is certified and, most importantly, in alignment with OPITO Standards.

Maintenance and Inspection Policy

The OPITO Maintenance and Inspection Policy defines the development of the maintenance and inspection activities to be assigned to various types of equipment operated by global OPITO approved Centres.

Centres are required to have an effective, robust and risk-based maintenance and inspection regime, applicable to high-risk equipment as defined in the policy. Please contact your OPITO regional office for a copy of the policy.

International Emergency Response Guidelines

The International Emergency Response Guidelines document has been created to help provide an understanding of how effective management of competence in training and emergency response can be achieved using OPITO Standards. The guidelines can be used within a development framework of training, assessment, workplace drills, exercises, ongoing practice and formal assessment. The download is available in English, Arabic, Brazilian-Portuguese, Indonesian, Russian and Spanish - amendments to the guidelines can also be viewed online.

Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS) Cleaning Guidance

EBS Cleaning Guidance has been created inline with the initial guidance issued by HSE UK in 2003 and covers the cleaning and labelling of EBS equipment. Countries out-with the UK may require additional tests - it is the responsibility of the OPITO approved Centre to seek advice from relevant medical authorities to identify which tests are required.

Bridging Elements Procedures

In relation to the OPITO Bridging Elements Standard, which identifies the differences between the T-BOSIET/T-FOET and the BOSIET/FOET, the Bridging Elements Procedures document explains what an OPITO approved Centre is obligated to do for each learner post successful completion of training.

Helideck Standards Training Technical Specifications

Centres that are approved to deliver Helideck training must meet the minimum facility and equipment specifications. These specifications cover helideck structure, helicopter fire and ER simulator, firefighting capabilities, rescue equipment and personal protection equipment (PPE).

Mutual Recognition Documents

A number of personnel travel to different global locations as part of their role - training may be completed in the UK for example, but the candidate is based elsewhere. A mutual acceptance is in place between NOGEPA, Danish operators, Norwegian Oil and Gas Association and OGUK that recognises safety training carried out at an OPITO approved Centre will be accepted in accordance with the recognition matrix.

HUET Diver Training Program

The HUET Diver Training Program document provides details of training and development to equip the qualified diver with the specific knowledge and skills needed to undertake the HUET diver role.

Competence Assessment and Verification Guidelines

The Competence Assessment and Verification Guidelines are particularly relevant to organisations implementing OPITO Standards, or delivering programmes to OPITO Standards where competence assessment is required.

Delegate Registration Form

OPITO approved Centres can now download a copy of the Learner Registration form from the documents section in the HUB.

Request for On-location Training

OPITO recognises that due to the resources and facilities required to deliver OPITO training, a request can be made by a Centre to carry out training at a remote location.

Centres are required to complete a Request for On-location Training form in The HUB. Please note that this form is a request only, and does not guarantee that the training will/can be carried out at the named location. On receipt, OPITO will review the request and respond as soon as possible.

Certificate Policy

Certificates are to be created and issued to all learners, deemed competent on an OPITO-approved Standard. Following the launch of The HUB, certificates are to be generated within The HUB upon course completion and issued to the learners directly by the Centre. OPITO are currently onboarding Centres on to the new system and in the interim period the current certificate policy remains applicable.

Technical Bulletins

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