OGTAP Assessor Information

OGTAP Assessor Information

Throughout the two year work placement of the OGTAP scheme, apprentices are required to gain experience of the various work activities which occur within their specific discipline (Mechanical/Electrical/Instrument/Production) on the installation. This experience and activities are monitored and assessed by an appointed ‘Assessor’.

During this time, apprentices must record the activities that they have been involved in and build an evidence portfolio of work experience. This ensures that apprentices follow their training plans and provide the necessary evidence to assist Assessors make a decision as to the competence of the trainee.

Appointed Assessors measure the competence of an OGTAP apprentice against a national standard, and collect evidence that prove the standard has been met.

An Assessor plays a key part in the training and assessing process and will understand the requirements of the Training and Assessment Programme and the specific SVQ Unit Standards on which the competences to be achieved are based. The Internal Verifier ensures standardisation of the assessment process. Some companies may also provide an Expert Witness.

OPITO has provided detailed guidance and information on the role and responsibilities of an Mentor, Expert Witness, Internal Verifier and Assessor which can be found in the associating Assessment Strategy relevant to the specific SVQ Unit Standards.

OPITO requirements and recommendations for the assessment, verification and external quality control of SVQ’s are available for download.

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