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OIM Controlling Emergencies

Standard Code: 7025

Revision: 5

Amendment: 1 (Jan 2020)

Aims & Objectives:

The aim of the OIM Controlling Emergencies assessment programme is to assess delegate’s performance as the OIM using direct observation as a method of assessment. A major factor in the judgement should be the performance of the OIM in controlling emergencies under simulated conditions according to the OPITO Industry Standard ‘Controlling Emergencies’.

Target audience:

The OIM Controlling Emergencies assessment programme is designed for personnel who are about to be appointed to an OIM position or who are already serving as an OIM.

Delegate pre-requisites

A formal declaration from the candidate’s employer confirming that the candidate has achieved the performance criteria in Element 1.1 in the workplace, satisfied the core essential knowledge and asset type knowledge requirements and that the candidate has been deemed ready for formal assessment against Elements 1. 2 to 1.6.


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