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Oil & Gas Industry Fireproofing Competence Assessment

Standard Code: 9026

Revision: 1

Amendment: March 2015

Aim and objectives:

The aim and objectives of the OPITO Competence Assessment Level 2 are to establish that the candidate has the required underpinning knowledge, understanding and practical skills to undertake fireproofing projects on an industrial scale, while working safely and protecting the environment.

Target audience:

The target group for Level 2 is personnel that wish to become OPITO-certified competent Fireproofers – either by having successfully completed the OPITO Fireproofing Training Level 1 and subsequently used the skills in the workplace or possess sufficient and relevant work experience as an oil and gas industry Fireproofer to be eligible for the OPITO Competence Assessment Level 2.

Delegate pre-requisites:

A valid OPITO-approved Fireproofing Training Level 1 Certificate AND A fully completed and valid logbook, based on the OPITO Fireproofing Training Level 1 (WE) Workplace Experience requirements OR A *formal letter from the candidate’s current or previous employer stating that the candidate has been employed as a Fireproofer within the last two years, AND **documented evidence of having been employed as a Fireproofer over the last two years. The formal letter and documented evidence must be authenticated by the assessment centre prior to confirming the booking.

*The formal letter must include details of the employer or employer representative’s position in the company, full contact details, and be signed and dated by the employer or employer representative.

**documented evidence - As a minimum requirement: the candidate’s CV.


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