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LOLER Competent Person Competence Assessment Standard Further

Standard Code: 9062

Revision: 1

Amendment: 2 (Jan 2020)

Target audience:

This training programme has been designed for personnel

Delegate pre-requisites:

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that delegates are ready to be assessed and have:

  • Suitable and relevant experience in both crane operations and hoisting and lifting operations involving the use of portable lifting equipment
  • A letter from the current employer recommending the candidate for LCP assessment including reference to the candidate’s supervisory and command and control capabilities and confirming his/her relevant experience
  • Knowledge and experience of:
  1. LOLER, PUWER and HASAWA regulations
  2. Safe Systems of Work
  3. Assessment of personnel
  4. Management of personnel
  5. The inspection of lifting equipment and the concept of discard criteria
  6. Safe use of lifting equipment
  7. The management of rigging lofts
  8. The planning of lifting operations
  9. Risk assessment


2 years

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