OPITO Products for Energy - Offshore Renewable Energy (Wind)

HLO for NUI Operations - Initial and Further Training

Standard Code: 7048 (Initial) 7049 (Further)

Amendment: 0 (September 2020)

Following consultation with Operators within the Renewable Energy, Wind Sector and review of the existing OPITO Helicopter Operations Training and Competency Framework, it was identified that there was an opportunity to develop a standard for Helicopter Landing Officers (HLOs) operating on Normally Unattended Installation (NUIs) and Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs).

Personnel operating on such assets are often required only to visit for conduct of routine maintenance. In order to meet the relevant training requirements, training standards within the existing framework were reviewed, and relevant content was appropriated for the development of a fit-for-purpose training standard.

This Product enables training providers to provide a course tailored to the offshore renewable energy industry.

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