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Fire Warden Competence Standard

Standard Code: 4552

Amendment: October 2016

Aims and objectives:

The aim of the Fire Warden Competence Standard assessment programme is to formally assess the candidate in the role of the Fire Warden during an emergency situation in a simulated environment.

The competence statements contained in this standard provide a clear description of performance in the workplace:

  • What practioners are expected to do
  • The underpinning knowledge and skills they would require to enable them to do what was expected
  • How they could demonstrate what was expected of them
  • How their performance would be assessed

Target audience:

The Fire Warden Competence Standard programme is designed for personnel who are about to be appointed to a Fire Warden role or who are already serving as a Fire Warden.

Delegate pre-requisites:

There are no pre-requisites for Fire Warden Competence Assessment.


2 years

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