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Control of Work Refresher Training for Performing Authorities [Classroom-based]

Standard Code: 9232

Revision: 1

Amendment: January 2021

Aim and objectives:

The aim of the Refresher Training Programme is to refresh and update the knowledge, understanding and skill elements of the Performing Authority.

  • The objectives are to refresh and reinforce the following:
  • The responsibilities that apply to the PA role.
  • Effective hazard and risk assessment methods and techniques
  • Effective control of the worksite and communication with work parties
  • Typical permit-to-work stages and processes that apply to control of work.

The objectives of the CBT Refresher Training are to test delegates on their current knowledge and skills and refresh the specific training elements where their understanding and skills did not meet the standard.

Target audience:

This training programme has been designed for personnel who currently act as the performing authority in the workplace.

Delegate pre-requisites:

Delegates must hold a valid OPITO approved certificate for Control of Work Training for Performing Authorities Training certificate or verifiable evidence of their experience.


2 years

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