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Confined Space Entry

Standard Code: 9048

Amendment: 1 (October 2020)


The Confined Space Entry Standard aims to follow on from existing delegate knowledge which introduced delegates to the way in which confined spaces are defined and recognised; the specific regulations and guidelines; hazards; control measures; roles and responsibilities, and testing. The Standard also aims to instruct and assess delegates on the practical skills necessary for confined space entry, including testing and use of appropriate PPE and emergency escape equipment.

Objectives of the Confined Space Entry Standard are that delegates will be able to perform:

  • Atmospheric testing through correct operation of monitoring equipment
  • Hazard identification and dynamic risk assessment
  • Pre use PPE and Equipment checks
  • Don and use of full SCBA
  • Donning & operating (including checks) an escape breathing apparatus (EBA) with a mask and hood prior to egress from a confined space.
  • Using a pressurised cascade breathing system with an activated EBA.
  • Establish and check lines of communication
  • Entry and Egress to and from a confined space
  • Egress from a confined space in an emergency situation

Target audience

This training programme is designed for personnel across the energy sector with an existing theoretical understanding and awareness of confined spaces, associated hazards and guidance and require the corresponding practical skills necessary for entry into a confined space.

Delegate pre-requisites:

Delegates must possess a valid OPITO Confined Space Awareness certificate.


3 years

Standards in this Suite

The aim of the ‘Confined Space Entry’ Suite is to introduce delegates to the way in which confined spaces are defined and recognised.

The Suite includes Combined Space Awareness, Confined Space Entry and Rescue from a Combined Space.

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