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Competence Assessor Training Standard

Standard Code: 9018

Revision: 3

Amendment: 2 (May 2021)

Aim and objectives:

The aims and objectives of this programme is to impart initial training requirements to enable trainee assessors, to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out assessments. Upon successful completion of the training and with evidence that the skills and knowledge have been successfully applied in the workplace, the delegate would be eligible to conduct workplace assessments, providing they themselves are technically competent in the discipline being assessed.

Following this training, it will be the responsibility of the employing organisation to allow each assessor to gain further experience. This will normally fall under the jurisdiction of the organisation’s internal verifier position(s).

Target audience:

This programme is designed for individuals within an organisation who are designated to be competence assessor.

Delegate pre-requisites

There are no formal delegate pre-requisites for attendance on the Competence Assessor Training Programme; although delegates must provide evidence that they have access to a minimum of two candidates undergoing an assessment process in their workplace.


No expiry.

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