OPITO Products for Energy - Offshore Renewable Energy (Wind)

BOSIET for Renewable Energy (Wind) – Full Access

Standard Code: 9245

Amendment: 0 (September 2020)

The BOSIET for Renewable Energy (Wind - Full Access Standard is currently at pilot stage as OPITO continue to seek feedback from industry. At this time centres are not able to apply for OPITO Approval. If you would like further detail on the standard or are interested in being involved in the feedback process please contact communications@opito.com.

Energy companies worldwide seek to ensure that everyone travelling to and from and working on one of their offshore assets, including Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) and associated areas, must have completed an appropriate safety and emergency training course before travelling or working in this area.

This Product enables training providers to provide a course tailored to the offshore renewable energy industry .

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