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Blaster-Sprayer Competence Standard - Initial Assessment

Standard Code: 9125

Revision: 2

Amendment: October 2016

Aim and objectives:

The aim and objectives of the Blaster-Sprayer Competence Assessment are: to ensure that before newly trained candidates undertake unsupervised Blaster-Sprayer activities in the workplace, the performance skills and underpinning knowledge and understanding of the candidates are assessed by a qualified assessor against (and meet) the competence requirements specified in the OPITO Industry Standard. Also, experienced Blaster-Sprayers can gain industry-approved OPITO competence certification by successfully completing this Competence Assessment Programme.

Target audience:

This training programme is designed for personnel who wish to become OPITO-certified competent Blaster-Sprayers, having already completed their OPITO Initial Training and/or already have sufficient workplace experience in industrial blasting and painting activities.

Delegate pre-requisites:

Delegates must hold a valid OPITO approved Blaster-Sprayer Training Certificate (Level 1) and a fully completed OPITO approved logbook or have verifiable evidence of Blaster-Sprayer experience.


4 years

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