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Banksman & Slinger Stages 1 & 2 [certification/code for stage 1 only]

Standard Code: 9067

Revision: 5

Amendment: 2 (Jan 2020)

Aim and objectives:

The aims and objectives of Stage 1 Initial Training Programme are to provide personnel, who have little are no experience of the Banksman and Slinger role, with the basic knowledge of activities associated with the combined roles, and the safety and regulatory requirements of those activities.

The Initial Training Programme allows the delegate to demonstrate basic Banksman and Slinger practical skills following instruction and demonstration by the training staff. This Training Programme aims to prepare the delegates for the next stage of the progression path to becoming a competent banksman and slinger i.e. Stage 2: supervised workplace experience.

Target audience:

The target group for the Banksman and Slinger Training Stage 1 training is for personnel wishing to become competent in the Banksman and Slinger role.

Delegate pre-requisites:

There are no pre-requisites for stage 1.


2 years

Banksman and Slinger Training Standards - Including Workbased Assessments

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These Standards are also available in the OPITO Standards Library.

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