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Banksman & Slinger Stage 4 Competence Reassessment Standard

Standard Code: 9069

Revision: 4

Amendment: 3 (Jan 2021)

Aim and objectives:

The aim and objective of the OPITO Stage 4 competence assessment is to establish that the candidate has maintained the competence requirement for the role of Banksman and Slinger.

Target audience:

The target group for the Banksman and Slinger Training Stage 4 is personnel that wish to renew their OPITO Stage 3 or Stage 4 competent Banksman and Slinger certificate.

Delegate pre-requisites:

Delegates must hold a valid OPITO approved Stage 3 or Stage 4 Banksman and Slinger certificate.


2 years

Banksman and Slinger Training Standards - Including Workbased Assessments

Banksman and Slinger Stage 1 & 2

Banksman and Slinger Stage 3

These Standards are also available in the OPITO Standards Library.

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