SCQF Credit Rating Body

OPITO is a Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) approved Credit Rating Body (CRB) through the SCQF Partnership. This allows OPITO to make decisions about the SCQF level and credit points allocated to OPITO qualifications, which are developed to train the energy sector workforce across the globe.

The SCQF is a national, lifelong learning framework used by employers, policymakers and education providers. The Framework is a way of comparing the wide range of Scottish qualifications, covering programmes in school, college, university and in the workplace by giving each qualification on the Framework a level and a number of credit points. The level of a qualification shows how advanced the learning is. The credit points show how much time it takes, on average, to complete that qualification.

Credit Rating is a formal, quality assured, objective process in which a qualification or learning programme is subject to rigorous analysis and is then allocated an SCQF level using the SCQF Level Descriptors. During this process SCQF credit points are allocated to the qualification or learning programme.

Being an SCQF approved CRB allows OPITO to make professional judgements about what level a qualification sits at on the SCQF. Once a qualification has an SCQF level it attracts national and international recognition for the learners who achieve it.

OPITO is one of eight SCQF approved CRBs and can make credit rating decisions, adding further value to OPITO Standards, qualifications and products. The SCQF Framework will also allow OPITO to make broad comparability’s across a number of different frameworks.

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