UKCS Workforce Dynamics: Shaping the Skills of Tomorrow

The UKCS Workforce Dynamics Review: Shaping the Skills of Tomorrow, launched in May 2018 by OPITO in partnership with Robert Gordon University’s (RGU) Oil and Gas Institute, assessed the changing skills requirements for the industry over the next 20 years.

Research findings indicated that:

  • On the basis that the industry can achieve its goals around Vision 2035 and the broader energy diversification, the workforce requirements are estimated to be around 130,000 people in 2035
  • Over 80,000 workers are likely to retire or leave the sector for other reasons by 2035
  • More than 40,000 new people will need to be recruited into the industry over the next 20 years, including 10,000 in posts that don’t exist today.

Phase two of this project, UKCS Workforce Dynamics: The Skills Landscape 2019 - 2025, announced in May 2019 assists in providing a route map for a new skills strategy to ensure the sector is ready to take advantage of emerging roles and diversification opportunities.

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